Shoulder Press Landmine 2 Banded Contra-Lateral AFSM

Shoulder Press LM 2 Bnd Contra AFSM


Coaching Points: 

  • Contralateral Stance: Begin the exercise with your opposite leg forward compared to the working arm. This stance provides stability and balance during the movement. For example, if you are using your right arm, your left leg should be forward.
  • Speed and Force: Focus on generating maximum speed and force when pulling and pushing the bar. This explosive movement will engage more muscle fibers and improve power output. Emphasize an aggressive and quick action throughout the exercise.
  • Partial Range of Motion: Ensure that the range of motion for the exercise is from the starting position at shoulder height to the top of the head. It’s important to maintain control throughout the movement and complete each repetition fully.
  • Use Appropriate Resistance: Select a weight or resistance that allows you to perform the exercise with proper form and technique. The load should be challenging but not so heavy that it compromises your ability to move explosively and maintain control.
  • Focus on Control: While it’s important to move the bar quickly and forcefully, maintain control throughout the exercise. Avoid excessive swinging or jerking movements that may put unnecessary stress on joints or lead to injury.
  • End with Full Repetition: Complete each repetition fully, ensuring that the bar reaches the top range of motion before returning to the starting position. This will help you maintain consistency in the exercise and maximize the benefits.