Step Up Pit Shark Banded 1 Plate NXCIT 

Step Up Pit Shark Bnd 1 PLT NXCIT

Coaching Points

  • This exercise incorporates the Integrated Foot Shift-Posterior Chain Series 4.0
  • This exercise incorporates the Triphasic Triple Stack – Posterior Chain Series 9.0
  • Band placement: Ensure that the resistance band is securely wrapped around the opposite foot and shoulder. This will provide the necessary tension for the exercise.
  • Hand grip: Hold the hand pegs with an underhand grip using the hand on the same side as the working foot. The other hand should use an overhand grip. This grip will help maintain stability and control during the exercise.
  • Foot position: Place your working foot at the end of the platform. This will give you a stable base and allow for proper execution of the movement.
  • Heel elevation: Keep your heel elevated throughout the exercise. This will shift the emphasis onto the ball of your foot and activate the muscles in your lower leg and foot.
  • Drive through the big toe: Focus on driving through your big toe as you perform the movement. This will engage the muscles in your foot and help maintain balance and stability.
  • Maintain a 45-degree angle: Aim to keep your body at a 45-degree angle relative to the platform. This angle will target specific muscle groups and enhance the effectiveness of the exercise.
  • Jumping motion: Imagine that you are trying to jump over the top of the machine. This mental cue will help you engage the appropriate muscles and generate power during the exercise.
  • Integrated Foot Shift: This exercise incorporates the concept of an Integrated Foot Shift. It emphasizes the movement and coordination of the foot and ankle during the exercise, enhancing overall lower body function.
  • Triphasic Triple Stack: This exercise also incorporates the Triphasic Triple Stack, which refers to a training methodology that focuses on three specific phases of muscle action: eccentric, isometric, and concentric. This methodology aims to optimize muscle function and improve athletic performance.