Wrist Pronation / Supination Isometric Overcoming Disadvantageous Staggered

Wrist Pro / Sup ISO Ovr DA Stagg

Coaching Points

  • Stand upright: Begin by standing in an upright position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Ensure proper posture with your chest lifted, shoulders relaxed, and core engaged. This alignment provides a stable base for the exercise.
  • Hand positioning: Place your front hand with the palm facing down and the bottom hand with the palm facing up. This grip helps create opposing forces and engages different muscles in the forearms, wrists, and hands.
  • Maintain tension against the fixed object: To create resistance and maximize the effectiveness of the exercise, push your hands against a fixed object with enough force to provide resistance against the snapping motion. This fixed object could be a wall, a sturdy pole, or a resistance band attached to an anchor point.