10m Fly 1080 Assisted

10m Fly 1080 Asst

Coaching Points 

  • Build up speed for the first 5 meters: Start the exercise by gradually building up your speed during the initial 5 meters. Focus on accelerating smoothly and efficiently, rather than trying to reach maximum speed right away. This allows your body to properly warm up and prepare for the sprint.
  • Sprint the final 10 meters: After the initial build-up phase, transition into a full sprint for the final 10 meters. Shift your focus to maximum speed and stride length, maintaining a strong and powerful running form. Drive your knees up and push off forcefully with each stride.
  • Pump arms cheek to opposite cheek: Pay attention to your arm movement during the sprint. Pump your arms from cheek to opposite cheek, meaning your left arm swings forward as your right leg strides forward, and vice versa. This coordinated arm movement helps maintain balance, rhythm, and generates additional power to enhance your sprinting performance.
  • Focus on proper sprinting mechanics: Maintain an upright posture with your chest up and shoulders relaxed. Keep your gaze focused straight ahead, and avoid excessive side-to-side movement. Land on the balls of your feet, and use a mid-foot strike for optimal propulsion. Drive your elbows back, and ensure a full range of motion in your arms for efficient power transfer.