Primetime Mini Bent Knee Fly 1080 Assisted

Primetime Mini BK Fly 1080 Asst

Coaching Points 

  • Triphasic Thoracic Tuck Method – Anterior Sling Series 1.0
  • Build up for 5 yards: Begin the exercise by gradually building up your speed during the initial 5 yards. Focus on accelerating smoothly and efficiently, allowing your body to warm up and prepare for the explosive movement.
  • Drive through the big toe to propel yourself forward: As you push off the ground, emphasize driving through the big toe of your pushing leg. This action helps generate power and propels you forward.
  • Short/Quick leg movement: Aim for short and quick leg movements during the exercise. Rapid leg turnover allows for faster acceleration and maximizes your stride frequency. Focus on minimizing ground contact time to maintain speed and momentum.
  • Attack the ground: Think of “attacking” the ground with each stride. Drive your foot down forcefully into the ground with each step, using the power generated to propel yourself forward. This aggressive ground contact helps generate more force and speed.
  • Triphasic Thoracic Tuck Method: This exercise incorporates the Triphasic Thoracic Tuck Method, which involves maintaining a slightly tucked position in the thoracic spine (mid-back). This position helps stabilize the core and promotes proper posture, allowing for more efficient energy transfer during the sprint.
  • Focus on proper sprinting mechanics: Maintain an upright posture with your chest up and shoulders relaxed. Keep your gaze focused straight ahead, and avoid excessive side-to-side movement. Land on the balls of your feet, using a mid-foot strike for optimal propulsion. Drive your elbows back, and ensure a full range of motion in your arms for efficient power transfer.

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