10m Fly Chain Resisted

10m Fly Chain Res

Coaching Points :

  • Build up speed to the first cone (5 yards): Start the sprint from a stationary position and gradually increase your speed as you approach the first cone. Focus on accelerating smoothly and maintaining good body control.
  • Sprint through the second and third cones (10 yards): Once you reach the first cone, shift into maximum speed and maintain a powerful sprint through the second and third cones. Strive to cover the distance between these cones as quickly as possible.
  • Pump arms cheek to opposite cheek: As you sprint, pay attention to your arm movement. Visualize pumping your arms from cheek to opposite cheek. This motion helps generate additional power and momentum for your sprint.
  • Gradually increase intensity and speed: Start with shorter distances and gradually increase the intensity and speed of your sprints as you become more comfortable and proficient. Progressing gradually helps reduce the risk of injury and allows for better adaptation and improvement.