Groin Adduction Standing Contra-Lateral Oscillatory Isometric

Groin ADD Stnd Contra OCI

Coaching Points: 

  • This exercise incorporates 3 Way Foot Position Integration for Athletes Posterior Chain Series 
  • Start with an upright position: Begin the exercise by standing upright with good posture. Ensure your shoulders are relaxed, chest lifted with no rounded back. This position provides a stable foundation for the exercise.
  • Contralateral arm support: Brace yourself by placing your hand on the opposite side of the working leg for support. This contralateral arm support helps maintain balance and stability during the exercise.
  • Straight non-working leg: Position your non-working leg completely straight. Ensure that your foot is aligned with the band, with the band positioned near the inside of your foot. This placement helps engage the muscles of the foot, ankle, and lower leg.
  • Push leg into the band: Initiate the movement by pushing your working leg into the band. Apply force against the resistance of the band to activate the muscles in your working leg and challenge them throughout the exercise.
  • Maintain contact with the band: Throughout the exercise, ensure consistent contact with the band. This contact helps maintain tension and engagement of the muscles, maximizing the benefits of the exercise. Avoid allowing the band to slide or lose contact with your foot.
  • 3 Way Foot Position Integration: This exercise incorporates the 3 Way Foot Position Integration technique. Focus on maintaining a stable foot position throughout the movement, utilizing neutral, inversion, and eversion positions to engage different muscles and enhance foot and ankle stability.