Hip Flex Standing Band Oscillatory Isometric NXCIT

Hip Flex Stnd Bnd OCI NXCIT

Coaching Points 

  • Stationary Leg with Heel Elevated: Position your stationary leg with the heel elevated, ensuring that the ball of your foot is in contact with the ground. This position helps engage the muscles of the lower leg and foot.
  • Drive Big Toes into the Ground: Focus on actively driving the big toes of your stationary leg into the ground. This action helps activate the muscles of the foot, ankle, and lower leg, providing a stable base of support.
  • Drive Knee Up as Hard as Possible: For the active leg, focus on driving the knee up with maximum force. This movement engages the hip flexor muscles and helps generate power and momentum.
  • Maintain Contact with the Band: Throughout the exercise, ensure that you maintain contact with the resistance band. This helps create tension and resistance throughout the movement, engaging the muscles of the hip, thigh, and core.
  • Avoid Letting the Foot Hit the Ground: Maintain control and stability by avoiding letting your active foot hit the ground during the exercise. This requires proper balance, coordination, and strength in the hip and core muscles.