Incline Bench Press 1080 2-Board Close Grip NXCIT

Incline Bench Press 1080 2-Board CG NXCIT 

  • Coaching Points
    • Grip the bar with a mixed grip: Use a mixed grip, where one hand has a pronated (palm down) grip and the other hand has a supinated (palm up) grip. This grip variation provides better stability and control during the exercise.
    • Supinated hand opposite to flexed/forward leg: Position your supinated grip hand, with the palm facing up, on the same side as the flexed or forward leg. This hand placement helps with coordination and balance during the movement.
    • Grip the bar 2-3 inches narrower than your maximum strength position: Place your hands on the bar with a grip that is slightly narrower than your maximum strength position. This grip width allows for optimal engagement of the muscles involved in the exercise.
    • Lower the bar quickly with control, and press with intent to move the bar as fast as possible: When performing the exercise, focus on a quick and controlled descent of the bar. Lower it towards your chest with control, and then explosively press the barbell away from your body with the intent of moving it as fast as possible. This emphasis on speed and intent helps develop power and explosiveness in the movement.