Incline Bench Press 1080 2-Board Underhand Close-Grip Bottom 1/2

Incline Bench Press 1080 2-Board UH CG Bot 1/2

Coaching Points 

  • Underhand grip: Instruct the individual to use an underhand grip, which means their palms are facing upwards while holding the weight or bar. This grip targets different muscles and places emphasis on the biceps and forearm muscles.
  • Screw big toes into the ground: Encourage the individual to focus on foot and lower body positioning. Instruct them to screw their big toes into the ground, which helps engage the lower body and provides a stable base of support during the exercise. This technique promotes full-body stability and helps transfer power throughout the movement.
  • Speed in the bottom half: Emphasize speed during the bottom half of the exercise. Instruct the individual to perform the bottom half of the movement as fast as they can while maintaining control and proper form.