Infinity Skips Suitcase + Overhead Carry

Infinity Skips Suitcase + OH Carry

Coaching Points: 

  • Weight selection: Choose appropriate weights for each hand. The weight held above your head should be lighter, challenging your upper body strength and stability, while the weight held by your side can be heavier and used to maintain balance during the exercise.
  • Overhead weight position: Hold the lighter weight above your head with your arm extended and your palm facing upwards. Keep your elbow locked and your shoulder stable throughout the movement. This position engages your shoulder muscles and requires core stability.
  • Side weight position: Hold the heavier weight by your side with a relaxed grip. Keep your arm extended and your palm facing inward or downward, depending on your preference and comfort. This weight serves as a counterbalance and helps maintain balance and coordination during the exercise.
  • Skipping in a figure 8: Perform a skipping motion in a figure 8 pattern, moving forward and sideways simultaneously. Lift one knee up as you hop off the other foot, and as you land, switch the lifting leg and continue the skipping motion. Focus on maintaining a fluid and rhythmic movement.
  • Eye contact with the target: Fix your gaze directly at a specific target throughout the duration of the exercise. This helps with focus, stability, and maintaining proper form. Choose a point at eye level or slightly above to keep your head and neck in a neutral position.