Lat Pulldown Band Disadvantage Oscillatory NXCIT

Lat Pulldown Bnd DA OC NXCIT

Coaching Points 

  • Mixed grip – palm facing away from you same as forward leg: Use a mixed grip where one hand has the palm facing away from you, matching the direction of the forward leg. This grip provides better control and stability during the exercise.
  • One leg flexed (forward), one leg extended (back): Set up in a split stance with one leg forward and the other leg extended back. The forward leg should be flexed, creating a stable base, while the back leg remains extended to assist with balance.
  • Perform rapid and forceful pulls on the bottom half of the exercise: Focus on performing rapid and forceful pulls during the bottom half of the exercise. This means initiating the movement from a slightly flexed position and quickly and forcefully pulling the weight towards your body. Emphasize speed and power during this phase of the exercise.