Shoulder Press DB Staggered Oscillatory

Shoulder Press DB Stagg OC

Coaching Points

  • Position hands at a 45-degree angle: Set up your hands in a position where they are angled at approximately 45 degrees. This hand placement helps optimize your grip and stability during the exercise.
  • Staggered stance: Adopt a staggered stance with one foot slightly forward and the other foot slightly back. This stance provides a stable base and allows for better force production during the exercise.
  • Bottom half 3-4″ range of motion: During the movement, focus on performing a partial range of motion. Lower the weight only about 3-4 inches from the starting position before reversing the direction. This partial range of motion allows for targeted muscle activation and helps maintain tension throughout the exercise.
  • Forcefully push and pull the weight: Generate power and force by forcefully pushing and pulling the weight. Push the weight away from your body using your arms and upper body strength, and then pull it back towards you with a strong contraction of the targeted muscles. Visualize exerting maximum effort during both the pushing and pulling phases of the exercise.