In Bed Recovery Methods

(Grounding and Applying Mouth Tape)



Prior to beginning method complete:

  1. Perform your prescribed individualized Vestibular Activation Reset (VAR)


In order to complete protocol:

    1. If possible complete a 20-minute recovery walk prior to bed
      • Barefoot
      • Listening to oms
      • Try to sync with sunset
      • Avoid paved surfaces 
        • Optimally on soil or beach (let water flow over top of feet)
      • Focus on deep rhythmic breathing patterns
      • Walk with relaxed jaw
    2. Can apply grounding mat indoors or build small pebble base to stand on
    3. Can apply grounding sheets or socks while in bed
    4. Prior going to sleep be sure to cover mouth with tape


Methods that can be completed prior:


  1. Reflexive Performance Reset Pre-Recovery
  2. Listening to Oms
  3. Listening to Binaural Tones
  4. Eucalyptus Implementation