Downward Rotational Shot Toss Med Ball Single Arm

Downward Rot Shot Toss MB SA

Coaching Points

  • Foot Positioning: Ensure that the feet are aligned properly with a slight stagger. The lead foot should be slightly behind the back foot. This stance provides stability and allows for efficient transfer of power.
  • Hip Movement: Emphasize initiating the throwing motion from the hips. The hips play a crucial role in generating power and transferring it to the upper body. Coach the athlete to engage their hips explosively and quickly.
  • Generating Power: Encourage the athlete to generate power by driving the back hip forward forcefully. This movement helps create momentum and adds power to the throw.
  • Arm Action: Teach the athlete to use their arm as a lever, accelerating it rapidly downward. Emphasize a strong and powerful arm action to generate maximum force. The arm should follow a natural throwing motion, extending fully and releasing the ball with a snap of the wrist.
  • Follow-through: Emphasize a complete follow-through after releasing the ball. The throwing arm should continue its downward motion, extending fully, and the body should naturally rotate to maintain balance and reduce the risk of injury.