Diagonal Band Pull Single Arm Contra-lateral

Diagonal Bnd Pull SA Contra 


Coaching Press: 

  • Start in a contralateral stance: Stand with your opposite leg or working arm forward. For example, if you are holding the resistance band with your right hand, your left leg should be forward.
  • Position your hip: The hip on the side where the band is anchored should be slightly pointed or coiled toward the band anchor point. This positioning helps generate power and engage the core muscles effectively.
  • Prepare for the movement: Hold the resistance band with both hands, with your hands positioned at chest level and the band stretched across your body.
  • Execute the movement: Violently raise the band across your body at a 45-degree angle. This means you should forcefully pull the band from one side of your body to the opposite side, creating a diagonal line at a 45-degree angle.
  • Focus on control and power: Maintain control throughout the movement, engaging your core and stabilizer muscles. Generate power as you raise the band, emphasizing explosive force to challenge the muscles.