Lateral No Crossover Straight Leg Fly

LAT No X-Over STL Fly

Coaching Points : 

  • Build up speed for 5m: Instruct the athlete to gradually accelerate and build up speed over the initial 5 meters of the movement.
  • Push: drive off trail leg; reach with lead leg, maintain knee/ankle rigidity: Instruct the athlete to generate power by driving off the trail leg. Emphasize the importance of pushing forcefully off the ground to propel the body forward.
  • Pull: Grab and pull using lead leg; Swing trail leg toward lead with no crossover: Instruct the athlete to grab and pull with the lead leg as it swings forward. Emphasize the importance of a strong and deliberate pulling motion to maximize stride length and power.

Alternate Exercises

  1. Lateral Primetime No Crossover Start
  2. Skater Hop 45