Lateral No Crossover Straight Leg Fly Chain Resisted

LAT No X-Over STL Fly Chain Res

Coaching Points: 

  • Build up speed: Begin the exercise by gradually building up your speed. Start at a controlled pace and gradually increase your intensity as you approach the 5-meter mark. This gradual acceleration helps optimize your momentum and power.
  • Drive off the trail leg: As you initiate the movement, focus on driving off the trail leg. This leg provides the initial push and propulsion to generate speed and forward movement. Push off forcefully, driving through the ground with power.
  • Avoid crossover: Keep your movements clean and efficient by avoiding any crossover of the legs. Maintain proper alignment and ensure that each leg moves independently without crossing over the midline of your body.
  • Keep chest up: Maintain an upright posture throughout the exercise. Focus on keeping your chest up and shoulders relaxed. This posture helps optimize your stride and ensures efficient energy transfer through your body.
  • Pull laterally with the lead leg: As you drive off the trail leg, emphasize pulling laterally with the lead leg. Imagine pulling your lead leg forcefully and quickly towards the direction you want to move. This action helps generate lateral power and helps propel you forward.
  • Swing the outside leg over the top: Once your lead leg has pulled laterally, focus on swinging the outside leg over the top. Maintain control and avoid crossing over the midline. This motion helps maintain proper stride mechanics and ensures efficient forward movement.

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