Primetime Straight Leg Fly 

Primetime STL Fly

Coaching Points: 

  • Triphasic Thoracic Tuck Method – Anterior Sling Series 1.0
  • Keep legs straight: Instruct the athlete to keep their legs straight throughout the exercise. Emphasize the importance of maintaining a strong and rigid position in the legs to optimize power transfer.
  • Drive through the big toe to propel yourself forward: Instruct the athlete to focus on pushing off forcefully from the big toe during each stride. Emphasize the importance of driving the foot into the ground to generate forward propulsion.
  • Attack the ground: Instruct the athlete to imagine “attacking” the ground with each stride. Emphasize a quick and aggressive foot strike, making strong contact with the ground. Encourage them to drive their foot down and back, using the ground as a platform to propel themselves forward.
  • Avoid bouncing up and down: Emphasize minimizing vertical oscillation or bouncing during the exercise. Encourage them to maintain a stable and controlled stride, utilizing forward propulsion rather than vertical movement.
  • Build up speed for 5 yards, then begin the exercise: Instruct the athlete to gradually build up their running speed over the first 5 yards.

Simple Coaching Points 

  • Keep legs straight for a strong and rigid position.
  • Drive through the big toe to propel forward.
  • “Attack” the ground with quick and forceful foot strikes.
  • Drive foot down and back, avoiding excessive bouncing.
  • Gradually build up speed for the first 5 yards before starting the exercise.