Primetime Straight Leg Fly Chain Resisted

Primetime STL Fly Chain Res

  • Coaching Points
    • Build up for 5 yards: Begin by gradually building up your speed as you initiate the movement. Start at a controlled pace and gradually increase your intensity as you approach the 5-yard mark. This gradual acceleration helps optimize your momentum and power.
    • Maintain straight legs: Throughout the movement, focus on keeping your legs straight. This position helps engage the muscles in your posterior chain, including the glutes and hamstrings, which are essential for generating power and forward propulsion.
    • Drive through the big toe: As you push off the ground, emphasize driving through the big toe of each foot. This action activates the muscles in your lower leg, particularly the calf muscles, and helps propel you forward with maximum force.
    • Attack the ground: As you make contact with the ground, imagine attacking it with each step. Focus on a forceful and quick foot strike, utilizing the full surface area of your foot to optimize propulsion and energy transfer. Minimize ground contact time by pushing off forcefully with each stride.