Low Cable Row Banded NXCIT

Low Cable Row Bnd NXCIT

  • Coaching Points
    • Initiate the movement: Start the row by pulling both handles towards your body simultaneously. Focus on initiating the movement from your back muscles rather than relying solely on your arms.
    • Grip Position: Instruct the athlete to use a mixed grip, with one palm facing up (supinated) and the other palm facing down (pronated). The supinated grip should be on the fixed leg side.
    • Controlled speed: While the goal is to perform the movement at a high speed, it’s essential to maintain control throughout the exercise. Avoid jerking or using momentum to complete the repetitions. Instead, strive for a smooth and controlled rowing motion.
    • Range of motion: Pull the handle towards your lower chest or upper abdomen, keeping your elbows close to your body. Aim to achieve a full range of motion while maintaining proper form.
    • Monitor time and repetitions: Set a specific time frame for your allotted time and aim to complete as many controlled movements as possible within that period. Keep track of your repetitions to monitor your progress and challenge yourself in subsequent workouts.