Primetime Bent Knee Fly

Primetime BK Fly

Coaching Points: 

  • Build up for 10 yards: Instruct the athlete to gradually build up their running speed over the first 10 yards.
  • Slight bend in knees: Instruct the athlete to maintain a slight bend in their knees throughout the exercise.
  • Avoid bouncing up and down: Instruct the athlete to focus on maintaining a smooth and efficient running motion. Emphasize the importance of minimizing vertical oscillation or bouncing during the exercise. Encourage the athlete to drive their energy forward rather than wasting it on unnecessary vertical movement.
  • Drive through the big toe to propel yourself forward: Instruct the athlete to focus on pushing off forcefully from the big toe during each stride. Emphasize the importance of utilizing the muscles in the foot, ankle, and lower leg to generate forward propulsion. Encourage the athlete to engage the glutes, hamstrings, and hip flexors to optimize power output during each stride