Psoas Prone Band Kicks Cocontraction 

Psoas Prone Bnd Kicks COC

Coaching Points: 

  • This exercise incorporates 3 Way Foot Position Integration for Athletes Posterior Chain Series
  • Plank position facing down: Instruct the athlete to assume a plank position facing down, with their body in a straight line from head to toe.
  • Maintain straight legs: Instruct the athlete to keep their legs straight during the exercise. Emphasize the importance of maintaining proper leg alignment to engage the desired muscle groups effectively.
  • Pull toes towards you: Instruct the athlete to actively pull their toes towards their body during the exercise. Encourage the athlete to maintain tension in the feet and ankles throughout the movement.
  • Kick band forcefully using hips: Instruct the athlete to generate forceful kicks using their hips. Emphasize the importance of using the hip flexor muscles to initiate and drive the kicking movement. Encourage the athlete to focus on explosive and controlled kicks, maximizing power and range of motion.