Reverse Cuban External Rotation DB Rebound Ipsi-lateral

Rev Cuban Ext Rot DB Reb Ipsi-lateral

Coaching Points 

  • Ipsilateral stance: Assume an ipsilateral stance with your left arm and left leg forward. This means that the same-side arm and leg are in front. This alignment promotes coordination and stability during the exercise.
  • Arm position: Extend your left arm out to the side at shoulder level, with the elbow bent at a 90º angle. Your palm should be facing towards you, allowing for a strong grip on the band.
  • Forceful hitting action: Focus on forcefully hitting the band with your forearm and wrist. Generate power from the muscles of your forearm, including the flexors and extensors, to create a quick and explosive movement.
  • Repetition and band clearance: Come off the band each repetition by retracting your forearm and wrist 2 to 3 inches from the point of contact. This ensures a full range of motion and allows for maximum force generation on each hit.
  • Speed and intensity: Repeat the hitting action as fast as possible while maintaining control and proper form. Emphasize the speed and intensity of each repetition, focusing on quick and powerful movements to engage the muscles effectively.
  • Posture: Stand tall and maintain an upright posture throughout the exercise. Keep your chest lifted, shoulders back and down. This helps maintain stability and proper alignment while maximizing the transfer of force.