Reverse Cuban External Rotation Ipsi-lateral Cocontraction

Rev Cuban Ext Rot Ipsi COC

Coaching Points: 

  • Standing in an Ipsilateral stance: Position your body in a stance where the leg on the same side as your working arm is forward. This stance helps with balance and stability during the exercise.
  • Arm bent at 90 degrees: Keep your working arm bent at a 90-degree angle at the elbow. This position allows for optimal engagement of the targeted muscles and enables a controlled movement.
  • Palm facing behind: Ensure that your palm is facing behind you throughout the exercise. This hand position helps activate the desired muscles and promotes proper movement mechanics.
  • Rotating at the shoulder: Initiate the movement by rotating at the shoulder joint. This rotation should come from the muscles around the shoulder, specifically targeting the muscles involved in shoulder external rotation.
  • Forcefully drive the band outwards and back: Generate power by forcefully driving the resistance band outwards away from your body, working against the resistance. Maintain control as you bring the band back to the starting position, resisting the band’s pull.