Shot Toss Overhead Paused

Shot Toss OH Pause

Coaching points 

  • Lower stance: This cue suggests adopting a lower stance or squat position before performing the movement. A lower stance helps engage the lower body muscles and provides a stable base for generating power.
  • Keep head and eyes down: This coaching point advises maintaining a downward gaze throughout the exercise. Keeping your head and eyes down helps maintain proper spinal alignment and stability during the movement.
  • Release the ball above your head: This cue instructs you to release the medicine ball above your head after generating power from the lower body. Releasing the ball above your head allows for maximum extension and power transfer.
  • Pause for 1-2 seconds between each rep: This coaching point suggests taking a brief pause of 1-2 second between each repetition. The pause allows you to reset, regain control, and focus on proper form before performing the next rep.