Tricep Band Ipsi-Lateral Cocontraction

Tricep Bnd Ipsi COC

Coaching Points: 

  • Ipsilateral Stance: Emphasize the importance of placing the same leg and working arm forward. This alignment creates a stable base and allows for efficient transfer of force. Encourage athletes to maintain a slight bend in their knees to promote balance and agility. Remind athletes to distribute their weight evenly between the front and back leg, avoiding excessive leaning or shifting.
  • Supinated Hand/Arm Position: Explain the concept of supination, which means turning the palm or forearm upward. In this case, the palm should be facing up. Coach athletes to maintain a relaxed grip, ensuring that their fingers are wrapped comfortably around the implement they are holding. Remind athletes to align their wrist, forearm, and shoulder in a straight line, creating a strong and stable position for power generation.
  • Driving Knuckles Downward: Highlight the importance of generating speed and power by driving the knuckles downward. Instruct athletes to focus on a quick and forceful downward movement of their arm, maximizing the acceleration and impact of the strike or action. Encourage athletes to engage their core muscles and transfer the power from their lower body through their arm, resulting in a more explosive movement.
  • Timing and Coordination: Emphasize the need for proper timing and coordination between the ipsilateral stance, supinated hand/arm position, and driving motion. Encourage athletes to practice the movement repeatedly, ensuring that they can seamlessly integrate these components into a fluid and efficient action. Provide feedback and corrections to help athletes refine their technique, paying attention to the synchrony of their movements and the optimal transfer of energy.

Alternate Exercises:

  1. Tricep band push down Pro Sup Speed