Erythropoietin (EPO) Release Methods



Prior to beginning method complete:

  1. Perform your prescribed individualized Vestibular Activation Reset (VAR)


To perform the protocol:

  1. Begin by walking at a normal pace while only nasal breathing 
  2. After five to six steps breath out all of your air (completely emptying the lungs)
  3. Hold this fully deflated state for as long as possible while continuously walking at a normal pace
  4. Goal is :60 without needing to gasp for air
    • Be sure to push to very end range of holding ability
  5. Rest of :30 to :60 second before repeating for a second bout
  6. Optimally Complete 2 hours prior to event or selected recovery methods 


Suggested frequency of recovery method:

  1. Once Daily


Optional methods that can be completed prior: 

  1. Reflexive Performance Reset Pre-Recovery
  2. Listening to Oms
  3. Listening to Binaural Tones
  4. Eucalyptus Implementation


After completing protocol; here are some complementary methods:

  1. 20 Minute Walk
  2. 20 Minute Bike
  3. Sauna Protocol
  4. NormaTec Recovery System
  5. Closed Chain Health Bouncing – Lymphatic Care