Nasal Breathing and Belly Breathing Tips



Prior to beginning method complete:

  1. Perform your prescribed individualized Vestibular Activation Reset (VAR)

Here are a couple tips to passively increase nasal breathing efficiency:

    1. Add nasal dilators during sleep for enhanced recovery
    2. While lying, pay close attention to ensure that the tongue remains on the base of the mouth to enhance diaphragmatic breathing and sympathetic nervous system response
    3. Tape mouth at night

Methods that can be completed prior:

  1. Reflexive Performance Reset Pre-Recovery
  2. Listening to Oms
  3. Listening to Binaural Tones
  4. Eucalyptus Implementation
  5. EPO Release Methods


After completing protocol; here are some complementary methods:

  1. 20 Minute Walk
  2. 20 Minute Bike
  3. Sauna Protocol
  4. NormaTec Recovery System
  5. Closed Chain Health Bouncing – Lymphatic Care


For an extensive dive into nasal breathing check out sections 10.0 and 11.0 in Triphasic Training: Manual to Elite Aerobic Health; Implementation and Concepts of General Preparation Phases