Closed Chain Health Bouncing: Lymphatic Care



Prior to beginning method complete:

  1. Perform your prescribed individualized Vestibular Activation Reset (VAR)


Follow these steps to complete the protocol:

  1. Begin by standing on trampoline with neutral spacing of the feet
  2. Ankles and legs remain parallel approximately six inches apart from left to right metatarsal
    • Keep a gentle bend in the knees
    • Always tracking forward without valgus
  3. Using glute bracing first
  4. Be sure to maintain a neutral pelvis
    • Lift from the pelvis floor, actively pulling the navel in a posterior fashion towards the spine
  5. Maintain a loose and relaxed scapula
  6. Relax shoulders and let arms hang freely at side of torso
  7. Keep feet gently placed on the trampoline allowing the trampoline to do the work of keep the rhythm 
  8. Choose the appropriate tension for your bodyweight
  9. Very soft and clean health bounce
    • This will encourage an awakening of the lymphatic system and allow an increase in global fluid movement 
    • A video of this method can be found by following this link
  10. Alternative ideas 
    • This method can be performed by altering the resistance of bands placed above the athlete on the triphasic bars
    • Light lymphatic brushing (Lymphatic Mojo)
    • Ground based movements and rolling
    • Light massage 
  11. Duration
    • Perform continuously for 1-3 Minutes


Suggested frequency of recovery method:

  1. Two to three times per week


Methods that can be completed prior:

  1. Reflexive Performance Reset Pre-Recovery
  2. Listening to Oms
  3. Listening to Binaural Tones
  4. Eucalyptus Implementation
  5. EPO Release Methods


After completing protocol; here are some complementary methods:

  1. 20 Minute Walk
  2. 20 Minute Bike
  3. Sauna Protocol
  4. NormaTec Recovery System
  5. Closed Chain Health Bouncing – Lymphatic Care