Implementing Simple Aerobic Recovery



Prior to beginning method complete:

  1. Perform your prescribed individualized Vestibular Activation Reset (VAR)

Below are some concepts that are quick and easy to implement in order to increase aerobic recovery and health:

  1. Download aerobic circuit
    • Contralateral
    • Super rotational contralateral
    • Super endurance
    • Note: 
      • Light bodybuilding circuit, upper body only will aid in recovery of lower body 
      • Barefoot
      • Eyes closed as much as possible, especially on bikes
      • Mouth taped
      • Focus on breathing methods
  2. Hitting the isometrics single leg isometric pulls before download circuits adds to recovery
    • :05 second
    • Spikes Blood flow response
  3. The stationary bike is optimal for recovery as it increases the body ability to move fluid without excess stress on the body as a whole
    • Important for pre flight
  4. Light 20-minute morning or evening walk


(Refer to Triphasic Training: Manual to Elite Aerobic Health; Implementation and Concepts of General Preparation Phases for additional aerobic training concepts and workouts)


Methods that can be completed prior:

  1. Reflexive Performance Reset Pre-Recovery
  2. Listening to Oms
  3. Listening to Binaural Tones
  4. Eucalyptus Implementation
  5. EPO Release Methods


After completing protocol; here are some complementary methods:

  1. 20 Minute Walk
  2. 20 Minute Bike
  3. Sauna Protocol
  4. NormaTec Recovery System
  5. Closed Chain Health Bouncing – Lymphatic Care